Matchy Matchy: my Vera Bradley decoupage style notebook

I love Vera Bradley products! I love getting all of the matching accessories, from stationary to wallets that coordinate with my favorite bags.


I must admit, I’m a little disappointed that the laptop skins are not being sold in the newest patterns. So when it was time for a new computer bag, I started with the available laptop skins, selected Hello Dahlia, then bought a bag to match!


But there are no stationary items (that I could use) left in Hello Dahlia so I was forced to get crafty!

With the strips of adhesive laptop skin left after outfitting my computer, and a little fancy patterned packing tape, I decorated a set of Moleskin notebooks. Not bad!



Classroom theme: Seize the Day


38 desks, inner/outer circles, ready for Socratic Seminars.
Three inch binder ready for lesson plans.
Desk pad calendars mounted on mailing paper (from the 99ยข store), posted on the wall, filled with dates to remember: SATs, ACTs, spring break, prom, graduation – and Hallmark holidays: ‘Talk Like A Pirate day’ or ‘Eat Outside day’ (every student wanted to know what ‘day’ their birthday fell on).
Meaningful quotes about time.
Photo-mat sized cardstock rectangles to be filled with photos of memories yet to be made.
A pile of pennants waiting to be hung.
“Seize the Day”







Colored Scotch tape to make lines on the whiteboard – stays up until you take it down, comes off clean. You can pick it up in many colors at Staples.


AVID & WICOR magnets along with how we used WICOR that week. Laminated the letters, then repurposed an old calendar magnet – just strong enough to stick to the whiteboard.

Freshen Up

Last week I tried the vanilla candle in coffee beans pin. I was so pleased to get the Yankee Candle sampler size for a dollar each online, and was eager to give my husband a pleasant coffee aroma all day.

Yeah, guess what?!
Coffee beans burn and smolder. There is even ash to accompany the stench. I ended up throwing away the dish. And my house smelled for days–long, cold days, too cold to open the windows.

I’m not a fan of air freshener sprays, so I had to get creative. At the same time the little Yankee candles were $1, the Car Jars were also just a buck. I had ordered several as an easy way to determine which scents I might enjoy in a regular candle.

I love the Leather scented one in my car. I don’t remove it from the package though, just open one end to get plenty of fragrance.

But I didn’t need a leather-scented house. This was my solution:

And in the other powder room:

And I hung one more from a lamp.

Problem solved. Lesson learned. Nobody’s getting the coffee bean vanilla candle as a gift from us!!

Sheets & Towels


Years ago Martha Stewart taught me about folding towels. (Not just me, also her entire viewing audience.) Her advice to fold them all the same way, whether they are to go in the cabinet, linen closet, or be displayed on the towel bar, forever changed my habit. Here is Martha’s tutorial video (I’ve occasionally imagined that Martha is a distant relative of mine who brought me along when she summered, teaching me her domestic secrets. An imagination is a wonderful gift- so I just let those thoughts run loose.)


I also learned a great deal from Emilie Barnes’ books back in the mid-nineties. She shared her bed sheet advice many years before Pinterest came along. But I was so smitten with the crisp look of carefully bundled sheet sets in the linen closet that I had to implement! The instructions are over at “The Complete Guide to Imperfect Housekeeping”

Sing with me, “that’s the way (uh huh) it has to be, ’cause that’s the way I like it!”