Gluten-free Pumpkin Waffles

I started writing this blog to record my attempts with all things Pinteresting. I’m so glad you’ve stumbled on it!

This morning I found a recipe for gluten-free pumpkin pancakes:

I decided to alter it a bit, using coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, pumpkin pie spice instead of the individual spices, and milk instead of almond milk. I added almost a half cup more milk than the recipe requested, and it was still too thick for pancake batter… So I made waffles!



Paleo Starbucks Hack

Since “going Paleo” and quitting my six-a-day soda habit, I’ve found I do still need a caffeine boost once in a while. I’m no coffee drinker, but I can enjoy a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato as much as the next girl – that is I could if I was Paleo-Cheating.

I started researching how I might Paleo-hack a macchiato. My preferred milk substitute is Almond milk, so I needed a frother that could handle that – This frother at Williams-Sonoma had the best reviews, so I acquired one Friday night.


I heated the almond milk for two minutes in the microwave before pouring into the frother. (I’m one of those wimpy 140 degree drinkers – so I didn’t want my frothy almond milk to burn my delicate mouth.)


Next I frothed, using the frother according to the directions, resulting in a lovely froth. Frothy frothness.


In the mean time I brewed up a tiny but strong cup of coffee.

And then the two were joined in frothy matrimony, creating an Almond Milk Caffe Misto that I topped with cinnamon.


As far as I can judge, it’s a perfectly acceptable Paleo substitute for Starbucks. But, I’m still not a big girl, eh coffee drinker, and it was a bit too much like real coffee for me to enjoy.

My husband insists I need a lighter roast, I think I need less coffee no matter how light the roast. Either that or I need to whip up a Paleo Caramel Sauce to sweeten this up! The linked recipe uses honey and maple syrup – which are not strict Paleo, but are my two favorite natural sweeteners.

Advice welcomed!

Gluten-free Waffles


My dear, sweet husband knows how much I love waffles. And in his sweetness he did something I would not have done… He spent $18.95 on waffle mix.

You see, with my gluten sensitivity, I’ve cut many of my favorite breakfast items out of my life for the sake of feeling better. Pancakes, waffles, coffee cake, toast- all gone.

So, back to the most expensive waffles I’ve ever made. The Ad Hoc brand mix is available over at Williams Sonoma along with several other gluten-free mixes. The ingredient list includes several other flours (rice, tapioca, potato) and sugar, so it’s certainly not Paleo, but I’ll take gluten-free when I can find it!! The recipe calls for milk, butter and eggs added to the mix.


The batter is almost like a quick-bread dough, quite a bit different than traditional waffle batter. I used my preferred waffle iron settings as usual, and found that was just right.

The waffle’s texture was very similar to a “regular” waffle. The flavor was superb- although a dash of cinnamon or a bit of orange zest would be a nice addition. I topped mine with pure maple syrup.


The batter made five waffles, the one I ate plus 4 more in the freezer that I’ll toast up on treat days. As a plus, the box contains 2 packages of mix, so really it wasn’t too outrageously priced ($1.90 a waffle is still cheaper than eating out).

Freshen Up

Last week I tried the vanilla candle in coffee beans pin. I was so pleased to get the Yankee Candle sampler size for a dollar each online, and was eager to give my husband a pleasant coffee aroma all day.

Yeah, guess what?!
Coffee beans burn and smolder. There is even ash to accompany the stench. I ended up throwing away the dish. And my house smelled for days–long, cold days, too cold to open the windows.

I’m not a fan of air freshener sprays, so I had to get creative. At the same time the little Yankee candles were $1, the Car Jars were also just a buck. I had ordered several as an easy way to determine which scents I might enjoy in a regular candle.

I love the Leather scented one in my car. I don’t remove it from the package though, just open one end to get plenty of fragrance.

But I didn’t need a leather-scented house. This was my solution:

And in the other powder room:

And I hung one more from a lamp.

Problem solved. Lesson learned. Nobody’s getting the coffee bean vanilla candle as a gift from us!!