About Me

How it started
So, I’ll admit I wasn’t one of those early adopters who joined Pinterest when you needed an invitation. In fact, I didn’t even think I would like Pinterest. Boy was I wrong. I’m constantly in the craft store picking up a few things to make this or that, because I saw it on Pinterest and couldn’t resist. I made a board called “Did It” and posted pictures of my triumphs, but then realized it is bad form to have a picture without a link to anything. And the more DIY ideas I tried, the more instructions I modified, the more it made sense to just get blogging.

She Pins, She Tries, She Posts… a blog
So here I am.

I’m one of those people you might roll your eyes at. I’m a big nerd, with a creative side, and enough coupons to never pay full price for any craft supply. I’ve tried sewing, knitting, card making, scrapbooking, crayon making, screen printing, quilting, macrame, jewelry making, shrinky-dinks, Cricut-ing, glittering (that’s a thing, right?), and a lot of other “projects” I can’t recall anymore.

My mom started me crafting as a Girl Scout, where we wrapped bars of soap in pink washcloths to make bunnies, and painted clothespins to make reindeer, and even hammered holes in pie tins. She introduced me to Tacky glue, and needlepoint, and acrylic paints. Twenty-five years later, I introduced her to the Cricut.

I suppose you could say that I am a classically trained seamstress (if there is such a distinction). My grandma taught me everything I know about sewing when I was ten years old. And lots of things I’ve forgotten. In Grandma’s sewing room, I learned to sit up straight, work in silence, and be a perfectionist. She taught me about textiles, caring for scissors, reading patterns, and how to make a button hole, how to sew in a zipper, and even how to shop wisely for fabric. I’m fairly certain she will not be pleased to see the pictures of my sewing machine on the floor, while I sew in a yoga-pose-like position.

My other grandma, who is in heaven now, took up quilting as a hobby because I wanted to learn to quilt. I was about 19, and the two of us had dueling sewing machines set up in her dining room. We shopped for quilting supplies, read the same quilting book, and each completed one wall hanging. I keep hers in my family room, over the back of a chair, and I feel like she is close by. She was also a talented crochet-er (crochet-ist?), but that talent escaped me.

So there you go. About me. check.

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