Classroom theme: Seize the Day


38 desks, inner/outer circles, ready for Socratic Seminars.
Three inch binder ready for lesson plans.
Desk pad calendars mounted on mailing paper (from the 99¢ store), posted on the wall, filled with dates to remember: SATs, ACTs, spring break, prom, graduation – and Hallmark holidays: ‘Talk Like A Pirate day’ or ‘Eat Outside day’ (every student wanted to know what ‘day’ their birthday fell on).
Meaningful quotes about time.
Photo-mat sized cardstock rectangles to be filled with photos of memories yet to be made.
A pile of pennants waiting to be hung.
“Seize the Day”







Colored Scotch tape to make lines on the whiteboard – stays up until you take it down, comes off clean. You can pick it up in many colors at Staples.


AVID & WICOR magnets along with how we used WICOR that week. Laminated the letters, then repurposed an old calendar magnet – just strong enough to stick to the whiteboard.

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