Quick & Easy Candy-coated Cookies

I just LOVE making treats that look like a lot of effort was required.

These wafer cookies, coated in Marshmallow flavored Candy Melts and sprinkled with festive toppings are easy-peasy and look pretty on a plate!

You could actually use any cookie, any complimenting flavored Candy Melts, and whichever sprinkles you like! I’m thinking Oreos with Chocolate Candy Melts, Lemon cookies with Key Lime Candy Melts, or even Shortbreads with Dark Chocolate!

One half cup of Candy Melts is enough for a dozen small cookies. Melt in the microwave according to the directions on the package.

Then rather than dipping the cookie into the Melts, carefully spoon the melted candy over the cookie. Gently shake off any excess, then add sprinkles. Lay the cookies on a Silpat or parchment paper and allow the candy to harden at room temperature. Then serve!

Since orange wafers were included in the package, and I have Halloween sprinkles in the cabinet, I cranked out a few of these fun ones with the excess Candy Melts from the first dozen.

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