Mint Brownies


Nearly every weekend I create a Paleo-cheat dessert. Partly because I want a treat, but also because I want my kids to have memories of home-baked goodies so that when they think about their crazy, old mom they can say, “yeah but she sure could whip up some amazing desserts!”

I’m self-disciplined enough to not eat the treats all week, and the kids enjoy them as an after-school snack.


These brownies started from a standard, family sized brownie mix. When preparing the batter I added 3/4 teaspoon of Mint Extract to the oil, then stirred in the water and eggs. Once all the wet ingredients were combined, I added in the brownie mix and continued to follow the box directions.


After allowing the brownies to cool completely, I frosted them with a doctored-up can of Cream Cheese flavored frosting. To make minty green frosting, add one drop of green food coloring and 1/4 teaspoon of Mint Extract directly to the frosting can and stir until the green color is consistent.


Top this delightful creation with some Mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and serve! I left about 1/2 the batch unfrosted, to please my frosting-free child and calorie counting husband.

C’mon kids, eat your brownies – Mommy’s making memories here!

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