Eating Paleo at In-N-Out Burger


One of the more challenging aspects of the Paleo lifestyle is making good choices on the road. Today I drove 300 miles, and picked up dinner along the way.

Did you know In-N-Out has a secret menu? Check it out on their website here.

So, this is what I ordered:

A “double” (not double-double which means 2 meat + 2 cheese),
protein style (lettuce wrapped instead of a bun),
grilled onions (that they stuffed between the two patties),
no spread – nothing instead.

What that got me: lettuce wrapped sandwich with two beef patties, grilled onions, lettuce and tomato.

You could order it as a triple or a even bigger!

I skipped the fries and had a water to drink. It tasted great, was filling, and left me feeling proud of my “good choices.”

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