S’mores Bark

Last night I made a quick stop at Joann’s and stumbled upon Marshmallow Candy Melts!! I knew something amazing was about to happen. 😉

S’mores Bark ingredients:
Honey Teddy Grahams
Marshmallow Candy Melts
Chocolate Candy Melts

I also used parchment paper, a glass bowl and a wooden spoon.

Simply melt the entire bag of marshmallow candy melts, stir in the box of Teddy Grahams until coated, then spread out on the parchment paper to cool and harden.


Next, melt the chocolate Candy Melts and drizzle or drag over the marshmallow covered grahams.


When it looks chocolatey enough for you, allow it to harden once more. Then break into serving sized pieces and enjoy!



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