Paleo Starbucks Hack

Since “going Paleo” and quitting my six-a-day soda habit, I’ve found I do still need a caffeine boost once in a while. I’m no coffee drinker, but I can enjoy a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato as much as the next girl – that is I could if I was Paleo-Cheating.

I started researching how I might Paleo-hack a macchiato. My preferred milk substitute is Almond milk, so I needed a frother that could handle that – This frother at Williams-Sonoma had the best reviews, so I acquired one Friday night.


I heated the almond milk for two minutes in the microwave before pouring into the frother. (I’m one of those wimpy 140 degree drinkers – so I didn’t want my frothy almond milk to burn my delicate mouth.)


Next I frothed, using the frother according to the directions, resulting in a lovely froth. Frothy frothness.


In the mean time I brewed up a tiny but strong cup of coffee.

And then the two were joined in frothy matrimony, creating an Almond Milk Caffe Misto that I topped with cinnamon.


As far as I can judge, it’s a perfectly acceptable Paleo substitute for Starbucks. But, I’m still not a big girl, eh coffee drinker, and it was a bit too much like real coffee for me to enjoy.

My husband insists I need a lighter roast, I think I need less coffee no matter how light the roast. Either that or I need to whip up a Paleo Caramel Sauce to sweeten this up! The linked recipe uses honey and maple syrup – which are not strict Paleo, but are my two favorite natural sweeteners.

Advice welcomed!

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