Strawberry Decoys


Have you seen the pin for strawberry rocks that are supposed to train birds not to swipe your berries? (Is this cruel or just unusual – I’m a bit conflicted)

I picked up a bag of small rocks and a strawberry-ish shade of nail polish at the dollar store to create these strawberry look-alikes. I have to take a double take in the garden, thinking I have ripened berries to pick when I glance from the window.

I’m not sure if its working, or if the swarm of hummingbirds is the real deterrent in my yard– if only those hummingbirds could keep the neighbor’s cat from leaving presents in my lawn– but so far, there are two tiny strawberries ripening. I’ll call it a success!!


Update: the birds have stayed away from my berries! Unfortunately the decoys didn’t deter the snails 😦

What do you think?

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