Candy Melts make quick treats

A few times a year, I have an excuse to make candy. This time my excuse was for the Pinterest party I hosted. I decided to make dark chocolate almond clusters and chocolate covered pretzels


Following the microwave instructions on the candy melts, I melted about half the bag. Then I poured in just enough almonds (sorry, I didn’t measure).


Stir until the almonds are covered, then drop by spoonful onto parchment paper. Each spoon dropped about 10 almonds.

Next I melted both white and dark chocolate candy melts (separate bowls). I dipped mini pretzels in white candy melts, set out on parchment, then added sprinkles.


Finally, I made a household favorite – peanut butter cup pretzel bites. Cut several miniature peanut butter cups in halves. Lay a half peanut butter cup on top of a mini pretzel, then add a glob of chocolate candy melts. Allow 10 minutes for the candy melt to harden and hold the pretzel bite together. Then serve and enjoy!



Next time I’ll try s’mores bites!

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