Freshen Up

Last week I tried the vanilla candle in coffee beans pin. I was so pleased to get the Yankee Candle sampler size for a dollar each online, and was eager to give my husband a pleasant coffee aroma all day.

Yeah, guess what?!
Coffee beans burn and smolder. There is even ash to accompany the stench. I ended up throwing away the dish. And my house smelled for days–long, cold days, too cold to open the windows.

I’m not a fan of air freshener sprays, so I had to get creative. At the same time the little Yankee candles were $1, the Car Jars were also just a buck. I had ordered several as an easy way to determine which scents I might enjoy in a regular candle.

I love the Leather scented one in my car. I don’t remove it from the package though, just open one end to get plenty of fragrance.

But I didn’t need a leather-scented house. This was my solution:

And in the other powder room:

And I hung one more from a lamp.

Problem solved. Lesson learned. Nobody’s getting the coffee bean vanilla candle as a gift from us!!

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