No Sew Tutu


To create these whimsical tutus for your little girl’s dress-up delight, you will need:
•2-3 6″ wide 25-yard spools of Tulle ($1.99 each at JoAnn’s) in your choice of colors
•A length of ribbon long enough to wrap around your little girl’s waist and tie a lovely bow
•A pair of scissors

You need to determine an appropriate length for the tutu, I think 8 inches is a good length for my six year old’s tutu as she wears it over leggings (modesty first). 8 inches is also quite convenient as you’ll see in the next step.


I have taken a package of 8.5×11″ cardstock and wrapped the tulle around the 8.5″ width of the cardstock several times. You could use any kind of book, firm piece of cardboard, or even a cereal box, as long as it will give you double the length you desire plus an inch. (8″ tutu length requires 8″x 2 plus 1″ = 17″ lengths of tulle)


Then I carefully cut through all of the layers of tulle on one side of the bundle only, leaving me several 17″-ish lengths of tulle. I usually cut 50 lengths of tulle to get started, then cut additional pieces as I go. That’s just because I have A.D.D. tendencies, and want to get going on the project before I’m done prepping. My tutu ratio is 4 pieces of tulle per inch of waist, in case you’d rather do all your cutting first.

This is a picture of a pile of tulle. It doesn’t need to be perfect!!

Now that you have some tulle cut to length and ready to go, you can begin to assemble your no-sew tutu. In this tutorial I am tying one piece of tulle to the ribbon at a time, but you could double up.

Fold your tulle in half, putting the loop under your ribbon.

Pull the loose ends of the tulle over the ribbon and through the loop, creating a knot.

Pull on the ribbon and tulle creating a snug knot.

Then repeat this with the remaining pieces of tulle, pushing the knots together, until you have a nice, full tutu.


Doubling the tulle by knotting two pieces at a time creates a variation you might love. It also makes the work go a little faster as it creates an inch of tutu after only three knots… But you’ll likely end up with a fuller tutu as you will be using 50% more tulle. Try a few knots both ways to help you determine which method you prefer!


But if you find you’d rather just buy a custom tutu, please check out PiaMiaBoutique my cousin’s shop on Etsy!

3 thoughts on “No Sew Tutu

    • Thanks for commenting! I had enough tulle to make a second tutu, shorter length though. The tulle is “poofy” (for lack of a more sophisticated term) and closes nicely in the back under the bow.

      Recently I’ve started adding a length or ribbon every fourth piece of tulle, giving a more eclectic and fancy-free look.

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