Puzzle Sticks

I’m pretty excited about this busy bag, as it provides an opportunity for sorting, counting, and ordering all in one activity! It doesn’t take up much space, and it’s perfect for any waiting time (restaurant, doctor appointment, ’til Daddy gets home, etc).

For this busy bag I used:
Craft sticks (tongue depresser sized)
Popsicle sticks
Flash cards
Paper trimmer (or scissors and a ruler)
Colored Sharpies


Simply measure the width of your sticks, cut the flash card into slightly smaller width strips, and glue the strips to the sticks, carefully aligning the image.

I took it two steps further by numbering the sticks in the correct order and color coding each puzzle: frog is green, farmer is orange, cow is blue.

At play time, your child can first sort by color, then assemble each puzzle, and check their own work as they go by number-ordering. See, exciting right??

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