Cutie Buns


My best friend is a culinary mastress. She whips up loveliness with the greatest of ease. Breakfast is no exception. When our families come together each New Years week, she puts together such delightful meals that we often wish we had paid more attention in her kitchen. She is kindly sharing her sticky buns recipe today!

Here is what you need:
Bridgeford pre-cut rolls- 2 packs of rolls used here (found in the freezer section, thaw in refrigerator overnight)
One stick of butter
Zest of 2-3 Cuties (Clementine oranges)
A cup or so of Granulated or Super-fine Sugar (to fill a shallow bowl)
2 Bundt pans
Citrus Zester
Two bowls

Start with a stick of butter in one of the bowls, and the sugar in the other bowl.
Begin by zesting the Cuties, allowing all of the zest to fall into the bowl of sugar.
The zest is rich in essential oils that when blended with sugar begins to leach out creating a slightly crumbly, orange oil flavored sugar. You will gently crush the zest into the sugar to achieve this. (You can even do this the night before.)


Next, melt your butter completely.
Squish a thawed bun a bit, roll it in butter, then roll in the zest-sugar. Place the coated bun into the Bundt pan, and repeat this process using one bag of buns for each Bundt pan.


Allow 1-2 hours for the buns to rise in the Bundt pan, until they have doubled in size. Then preheat your oven to 350F (175C). Bake for 15-20 minutes, watching to be sure they don’t over-brown. Some folks prefer under-done, super-sticky buns, so this is where your judgment comes in.

When you pull the Bundt pans out of the oven, immediately cover with a plate and flip the Bundt pan over so the buns rest on the plate. Allow gravity to pull the buns out of the pan, while the oozing, sugary goodness works its magic.

As soon as the buns have dropped onto the plate, lift off the Bundt pan and allow your family and friends to pull apart their desired portions to be consumed with delight!

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