Popsicle Color Matching


I am a big fan of enrichment, that is giving my kids access to learning about things they don’t cover at school. So when my six year old decided she’d like her second language to be Italian, I swooned.

Since I’m in the process of making busy bags for my two year old niece, I adapted the Popsicle color matching activity to a more advanced level by adding the colors names in Italian and English. I made a second set with Spanish/English.

The Popsicle shape comes from the Cricut “Cherry Limeade” cartridge, which I modified with scissors — it’s a double Popsicle on the cartridge, so I clipped each one in half and immediately had enough to make two sets! I suppose you could leave it as a double and then insert two Popsicle sticks (one in English and one in a second language OR two color coded sticks as a more simple matching game).

After cutting out your Popsicle shapes, crease each piece with a tongue depresser, so that little hands can easily insert a Popsicle stick into the opening later.


Next, using a glue pen like the one shown, lay down enough glue to seal the edges without seepage, being careful to leave the opening free of glue.


Now match the front and back pieces, pressing firmly to adhere, and let them dry completely. Write the color words out onto the Popsicle sticks while you wait for the glue to dry.


I have found this activity to require a great deal of fine motor ability and hand eye coordination… And that’s just to assemble them!! I think this one will be best for ages 4+

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