Zig-Zag Chevron Pillow + Car Baby-stuff Organizer


My 12 year old son asked me to make gifts for a new baby in his world. He is such a thoughtful guy, and it gave me an excuse to try a few “pins” I’ve been admiring lately.

Although I love the idea of quilting, I’ve never completed an entire quilt. So each time I saw that chevron quilt pin, I tried to figure out a miniature version. The pillow solved my time-crunch dilemma!! I based my design on this tutorial.

The pink bandanna print I used as a ruffle on the pillow, is also featured in this organizer meant to store baby items in the car.


I had seen several of these on Pinterest, but decided that a tapered, apron-style top would hang nicer around a headrest. It’s approximately 12 inches wide, with three deep pockets–perfect for holding books, pacifiers, a cuddly toy, extra diapers and wipes, and those baby items that end up on the floor after a quick car trip.


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