Dry-erase note pad


I made these re-usable notepads for a dozen office gifts this year. If the recipient doesn’t enjoy it as a dry-erase tablet, she can slap a Post-It pad on it, or just put a picture in it.

In my design, I have taken an acrylic picture frame, inserted light colored cardstock to fit, added a few decorative elements, and paired it with a dry-erase marker. Rather than setting it up as the frame is designed, I have the frame laying down, with the contents upside down.


For each of these, I tied on a shrinky dink monogram. The shrink film is at JoAnns, $5 for 6 sheets. I cut it with my Cricut using the Plantin Schoolbook font at 5″ – high pressure – regular blade set on ‘6’, then punched a hole near the top for the ribbon, then decorated the cut out with Sharpies before baking to shrink.

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