Nail Polish Glass Pendant

A month or so ago I convinced my best friend to join Pinterest. Among her first pins was a DIY glass pendant. I had recently succeeded making decoupage glass pendants and already had all of the materials to make her a little birthday gift.


I named this piece “The Amulet of Jennifer” and imagined it held some great magical power. Partly because I figured she deserved such an important gift, and partly because I had just seen “Sophia the First” on Disney Channel.

Here’s the supply list:

* E-6000 Glue (JoAnn’s has this in the adhesive section and sometimes in the checkout impulse area)
* pendant tray (I got mine here )
* glass tile to fit the pendant tray
* nail polish in the color you want the finished piece to be
* a chain or ribbon necklace

Okay, so when you have your supplies ready, start by applying three thin coats of nail polish to the flat side of the glass tile, allowing time to dry between coats.


When the polish is dried, drop a small amount of E-6000 in the center of the pendant tray.


Press the glass tile, polish-side down, into the pendant tray, sliding it into the center being careful not to push the glue up around the edges of the glass because it doesn’t wipe off or peel off later (ask me how I know). Allow several hours to dry completely, then string it onto the chain of your choice, and you will have you own “Amulet of ___”.

And now, a few words about E-6000. Stinky. Strong. Yeah, you’ll want some ventilation, but when you can glue glass to metal in a drop, what do you expect it to smell like?

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