Chocolate Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches


Last night we had our wonderful neighbors over for dessert… They were willing participants in the test kitchen. But somehow, with an excited crowd in the kitchen, among the laughing, talking, and anticipation, I managed to forget to take pictures of each step. Luckily this one is relatively self explanatory– I hope my visual learners can make do!


Here’s what you need:
* waffle iron
* Devil’s Food Cake Mix
* Eggs, water, and oil (according to mix requirements)
* cooking spray to grease your waffle iron (I use Coconut Oil Cooking Spray)
* your favorite ice cream (we picked French Vanilla)

Grease and pre-heat your waffle iron. Follow the recipe and mixing instructions on your cake mix box. When the waffle iron is hot, and the cake batter is ready, use the cake batter to make waffles as you normally would. When the waffle iron stops steaming, your chocolate cake waffle is ready. These waffles wont have a typical waffle texture, they are technically cake. Carefully lift the soft waffle from your waffle iron to a waiting plate. Gently tear your waffle to your preferred serving size, top with ice cream, fold the waffle over the ice cream, and enjoy!

One cake mix made six 8″ round waffles, with half a waffle per serving, this easily fed our group with waffles left over!

We happen to make our own toaster waffles instead of buying Eggo’s, so all the extra half waffles went into a gallon size freezer bag and are safely stowed in the freezer to be enjoyed at another date. Making our own freezer waffles saves money, and has encouraged us to be more adventurous waffle makers! A typical waffle recipe yields more waffles than my family can eat on a Saturday morning– the leftovers once went straight into the trash! Now we like to add sprinkles or mini chocolate chips to the remaining batter, make ’em and freeze ’em! And I feel like the coolest-mom-ever when I can give my kids homemade waffles for breakfast before school, by popping a few frozen leftover waffles into the toaster!


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