Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings…


The Sound of Music brightens our holiday season, and there are so many clever spins on a “My Favorite Things” themed Christmas. I couldn’t resist the dollar store deal on Postal Wrapping Paper to recreate brown paper packages tied up with strings. I used the Cricut Calligraphy Collection cartridge to cut out these lovely tags and added a monogram to designate each recipient.

A second dollar store trip yielded red and white clothesline that would more accurately serve as string, but I haven’t tied anything up with that yet.

And speaking of My Favorite Things, the Yankee Candle Co. has a line of candles in themed fragrances – my favorite is Bright Copper Kettles!

I hope you can keep this secret between us, but someone I love is getting the candle sampler and DVD set for Christmas this year! The DVD set is from Costco, and I bought the candles at – feel free to borrow this idea as a sentimental gift for the people who have everything!

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